Emil Capital Launches BevNET and NOSH Live Partnerships

Emil Capital Partners is excited to announce our sponsorship of two must-attend summer events in New York City: BevNET Live and NOSH Live Events. At Emil, we pride ourselves on investing in companies that are transforming the consumer goods space. These events offer exclusive opportunities to learn from leaders in the beverage and natural food industries, as well as support emerging and innovative brands.

Our BevNET Sponsorship

As a firm, our philosophy is to support companies that show promise in providing superior value to consumers. BevNET continues to exceed expectations as the leading authority for news coverage and expertise in the beverage industry. We have long admired their forum and depended on their information to stay up to date on the full scope of news in the beverage industry. We are thrilled to support their event in this capacity.

Their two-day conference, BevNET Live, will take place on June 12-13th in New York City and bring together the best of today’s leading and emerging beverage leaders for networking, innovation discussion, and product exposure. We are particularly looking forward to the New Beverage Showdown, an iconic staple of the annual event, in which leading beverage brands compete onstage, tasted by a live panel of judges. The event will blend entertainment with education, as A-list speakers will take the stage to share their insights.

Service providers, retailers, beverage brands, distributors, and investment firms like ours will be present. Together, we will evaluate the current state of the beverage industry, learn from the past, and plan for an innovative and customer-centric future. 

We are proud to include beverage brands such as Sipp and Cheribundi in the Emil Investment Partners portfolio. Both Sipp, a maker of handcrafted organic and sparkling beverages, and Cheribundi, a cherry-based juice product with functional benefits, represent the innovation in flavor and concept that is pushing the beverage industry forward. 

NOSH Live and the Natural Food Industry

In the days before BevNET Live, June 10-11th in New York City, the annual, two-day NOSH Live conference will unite the natural food industry, featuring expertise from over 20 speakers with robust backgrounds in natural foods. In alignment with our customer-centric approach in our portfolios, NOSH Live focuses exclusively on consumer packaged goods in the natural foods industry. Case-based presentations and panels will share illuminating insights into vital topics such as brand development, sales strategy, marketing, and investment. 

We are looking forward to learning from representatives from leading natural food brands. Natural foods have long been a staple of our portfolio, which features cutting-edge companies such as Base Culture paleo baked goods and TCHO artisanal chocolate products. 

Both natural foods and beverages will forever remain at the forefront of consumer-focused brands, and we are committed to supporting entrepreneurs who are rethinking consumer experiences within both industries. We are honored to sponsor BevNET Live and NOSH Live and will remain a steadfast supporter of both events in the years to come. They are forging new mediums for intra-industry communication, support, and betterment.

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